School Run Safety

By now, most parents know all the basic safety rules of driving with their children in tow, such as buckling safety belts, keeping the windscreen clear of debris for maximum visibility, and obeying the speed limit. But what happens when it’s time for the school run? You leave the house late, someone forgot his or her homework, and you get stuck in traffic because of a road accident. Here’s how you can avoid all those pitfalls while keeping your children safe on the way to school.

4 Tips for school run success

Allow yourself extra time to get the kids off to school. This is probably the best way to increase safety on your school runs. Most of the things that we neglect (or forget) to do happen because we are in a rush to take the kids to school and get to work on time. To reduce the chances of running late every morning, pack lunches and school bags the night before. And make sure the kids are dressed before they eat breakfast; their hunger might actually encourage them to get ready in less time, and you won’t end up having to wait for them after they’ve eaten.

Keep the kids occupied in the car. Parents everywhere become frantic drivers when they feel that they are working against the clock; shouting children in the back seat only make things worse. To prevent this scenario, tell your children to finalise their homework for the day or to make a to-do list of what they need to accomplish in school. If they are younger, invest in small puzzles or games that they can play on the way so that you can have peace and quiet in the car.

Stop on the shoulder if you are distracted. This is key. Many parents are prone to take their eyes off the road to chastise unruly passengers while driving, but this can create even more of a safety hazard. If you are truly distracted, the rush to get to school on time is not worth jeopardising your safety or the safety of your children. Take a moment to stop the car, settle the kids, and calm yourself down.

Plan your trip according to conditions. Listening to a radio traffic report before you leave home can help you plan how much time it will take you to get to school each day. On rainy days, you may want to allow yourself extra time to drive since roads can be slick. And if there has been an accident on a major roadway that you usually take, hearing about it beforehand will give you enough time to think of alternate routes to school.

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