Scarves pose serious threat to toddlers

Here’s a thought for parents who wish to dress their toddlers in the latest fashion:  beware the scarf.  Scarves are wonderful; they are great accessories, they are comfortable to wear, they’re hugely stylish during some trends, and they’re lovely warm in the winter, but they are also not fit for toddlers.

Youngsters tottering around as they learn to walk or run can get into a lot of things they can’t get out of, at least not with a length of fabric around their throats.  Free-flying fringes may look adorable, but not when they’re falling under little feet to trip them up, or God forbid in the spokes of a passing bicycle.

If you want to make sure your little one’s head is warm, get a cute woolly hat, or a nice furry hoodie, but for heaven’s sake don’t wind a potential garrotter around his or her neck.  You will see quite a range of designer scarves just for kiddies if you go looking, but skip them. Get one for yourself instead.

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