Ricky Gervais says sterilize irresponsible parents

After splitting America in half following an edgy awards show, Ricky Gervais the comedian once again has stirred up controversy following a statement that parents who are irresponsible should be sterilized.

Gervais himself is childless and said in an interview that there are too many poor people who are struggling and too many unwanted children. Thus, in his opinion a woman who is eating chips with a fag in hand should just be sterilized on the spot.

Despite his harsh statements, Gervais, states that even though he grew up on a Reading council estate his views are the result of parenting style and not a result of his class.

According to Gervais, he described a parent that was irresponsible not a ‘poor’ parent and that he would never advocate sterilizing someone because they were poor.

Among the many things that can constitute irresponsible parenting according to Gervais, who coincidently is an atheist, is sending a child to a religious school because they are brainwashed.

He also stated in the interview that his girlfriend Jane Fallon had talked about children in the past but decided against it because of the hassle.  He went on to say they just did not want to devote such as large section of their life to children.

Earlier in this month Gervais drew criticism as the Golden Globes host when he made fun of megastars including Mel Gibson and Sir Paul McCartney while drink

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