Researchers look into the science behind baby’s laughing

A research team in the UK has decided to focus on a very popular video on social media sites; laughing babies. Dr. Casper Addyman from the Birkbeck Babylab in London has decided to start a global study that takes a look into the science behind why a baby’s laughter is so appealing to so many. Addyman said that infants’ laughter signals that they are starting to understand the world around them.

According to Addyman, laughter is only one step away from what babies can already comprehend. If something was strange to them than they would be confused or scared when confront with the new situation, but it’s something that instead takes them a bit by surprise that they halfway know and so they laugh about it.

As part of the Baby Laughter Project Addyman and his team is asking parents of children under the age of two and a half what their babies laugh at including games, sounds, and people. He explained that a small baby is not going to know that much so they won’t laugh much, but as they get older they start to laugh at a lot more things. It turns out that what makes grown people and babies laugh is the same thing, bonding and connecting. It seems so far that laughter is a shared experience for both age groups.

Addyman explained that it is important to study why a baby laughs because while discovering the root of crying may seem more useful, laughter is a key part of the parental bonding process. He said that hopefully if they can figure out why babies laugh and what will make babies laugh then parents will learn some tips that will help them quiet their child when it’s crying.

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