Rent everything you need for your little one from The Baby Loft

Rent everything you need for your little one from The Baby Loft

Rent everything you need for your little one from The Baby Loft

If you’re looking for a place to rent baby equipment then you should consider the Baby Loft. They offer a solution which is cost-effective and will get you access to any baby accessories that you might need. This is something that can be very useful if you are going on a trip but don’t want to take the equipment with you as they provide everything you need for a hassle free holiday.

The site has a great deal on offer for babies and has everything they need for travelling, sleeping and even mealtimes. All of the products available from the company are from leading and well-known brands so you are guaranteed to be renting quality products.

There is also a vast array of products available to rent to keep the little ones endlessly amused, choose from bouncers, to activity centres and baby gyms. For birthdays or child friendly alfresco events, you can even rent outdoor play equipment such as sandpits, slides, swings & trampolines.

The Baby Loft provides a reliable and affordable service, customers can choose to hire equipment for three days, one to two weeks, or a month. Items are personally delivered within a fifty mile radius, or if you a little further afield items are sent by a reputable courier. Equipment can be hired individually or hired in bundle packages for example a ‘Grandma bundle’ for when the little ones are away with relations for the night, weekend or longer.

Renting baby equipment with The Baby Loft makes perfect sense, and not only for when travelling with children. Why pay through the nose for all the latest baby gadgets and gizmos cluttering up homes and gathering dust. It couldn’t be easier, simply rent that sought after highchair or buggy board and when baby outgrows them, usually in a matter of weeks, send them back. The Baby Loft also provides a unique ‘Try before you buy’ service, an invaluable service that allows parents to hire a desired piece of equipment of their choice, giving them the opportunity to check the products suitability before committing to buy it.

The site is the brainwave of mumpreneur Denise Proctor, founder of The Baby Loft, who felt that there was a niche in the market for a reputable baby equipment rental service, “The idea came to me whilst I was on maternity leave after having my daughter Olivia. I was astounded daily as to the amount of “stuff” that such a little person needs. In addition, family members also stock up their lofts with baby equipment ready to call upon when little ones come to visit. It began as a few scribbles on a sheet of paper, something that I would maybe do at some point in the future, I then returned to my software sales job and three weeks later was made redundant, this was exactly the motivation I needed and soon after The Baby Loft was born.”

All the equipment available through The Baby Loft meets the latest safety standards, is professionally cleaned and is delivered and collected personally. The Baby Loft is also a member of BEHA – The Baby Equipment Hirers Association.


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