Quarter of kids overweight

Statistics show that 23% of 4-5 year old children are obese or overweight.  This figure goes up to 33% for children aged 10 – 11.  In the academic year 2009/10 13% of children in the reception year were classed as over weight with a further 9.8% classed as obese.

Indications are that in both these ages groups there are more boys are overweight than girls.  The figures have been produced by the National Child Measurement Programme which, this year, undertook an exercise to measure a million UK school children.

The programme has been criticised for being voluntary however and indications are that some overweight children are opting out of the scheme which could affect the accuracy of the results.  It is reported though that since 2007, the number of children taking part in the programme has increased from 81% to 91%.

Results indicate that childhood obesity has remained fairly level since the first figures were available in 2007 with only a slight increase since then.  This year’s results show that children who live in towns and cities are more likely to suffer from obesity than those who live in rural parts of the UK.

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