Pregnant women advised to take Iodine to raise their children’s IQ’s

According to research, pregnant women, or those aiming to have children in the near future should take the required amount of Iodine, present in milk, or risk bearing a child with a low IQ. The study, which included over 1,000 women, showed that the women who consumed less than the required iodine, easily found in milk and foods such as fish, were prevalent to having children with low IQ and poor reading ability.

The hormones that affect the development of the foetal brain are produced by the Thyroid gland, whose performance is directly affected by the amount of iodine present in the body. Researchers at Surrey and Bristol universities concluded that two thirds of the 1,040 women were found to have lower than the required amount of Iodine in their blood.

The research showed that these women ran a higher chance of getting children with a low IQ and poor reading ability, a factor directly proportional to the low levels of iodine found.

The lead researcher at the University of Surrey, Professor Margaret Rayman, said that the results clearly indicated the importance of adequate levels of Iodine during pregnancy, and went on to reiterate about the dangers posed to the developing child, if the levels are not increased, given that the country is classified as being mildly Iodine deficient.

Researchers have proposed that pregnant women eat more fish, dairy products, and especially milk, so that they can increase the levels of iodine. They, however, warned against using kelp supplements, which are said to have excessive amounts of Iodine.

The Lancet, the publication that brought the research to light, used samples from the ‘Children of the 90’s” project, a study that has been monitoring 14,000 women who gave birth between the years of 1991 and 1992, in an effort to determine the effect of Iodine on the development of the foetal brain.


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