Positive Parenting Programme in Glasgow

Parents in Glasgow are being offered a free programme to help them with the ever-daunting job of raising youngsters.  Last week the Triple P, or Positive Parenting Programme, was launched at the Anderston Primary School and will be offered first to parents and carers of children in primary one schools, but will be available to all families with children from newborn to sixteen years of age.

Triple P is a system of parenting strategies developed by an Australian clinical psychologist, and has been used with documented success in over twenty countries over the past 30 years.  It is based on the premise that strong early parenting can greatly improve the quality of life for both parents and children, and help prevent many of the problems faced in later years.

Glasgow City Council and NHS GGC (Greater Glasgow and Clyde) are implementing the programme with the assistance of individual health visitors, social workers and other local agencies, with a view to encouraging all parents to participate and take advantage of the seminars, group and one-on-one counselling sessions and related self-help books and DVDs.

The joint director of public health for NHS GGC and the city council, Dr. Linda de Caestecker, said that Triple P has been proven effective in other cities with public health problems deriving from poverty and many other factors similar to those in Glasgow.  She feels that the programme, which is designed to offer as much assistance as the parents require but not more than they want, is not a cure-all but a definite step forward in solving some of the problems that have their beginnings in early childhood.

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