Perfect perfumes for busy mums

There is something about perfume that however tired or run down you may be feeling, it lifts your spirits and gives you the impetus to keep going. Anyone with kids knows how hectic life can be, and for many mums, juggling the morning hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready and out of the door, perfume is the last thing they think of.  In fact, it should be as essential as your antiperspirant.

A spray of your favourite perfume will lift your spirits and make you feel both good about yourself and attractive, even in your old gear on the school run. A woody or citrussy scent will liven your senses and give you a great feeling of general well being. Don’t go overboard with heavy or flowery perfumes through the day, they won’t have the required affect as every scent should be appropriate to the situation it is being worn in.

This is a mistake made by many, and the wrong perfume at the wrong time can be overpowering and make you feel sickly or even dizzy. There is no such thing as a ‘one scent fits all’, and while many may make this claim as part of their marketing, the fact is that there is a time and a place for every perfume. Daytime, night time, work time, play time, there is a fragrance for all.

There are times when you just want to escape from it all, and it is vital that you have some ‘me’ time to either recharge your batteries, or just to take some time out to relax. A bubble bath is the best known way of chilling out and really giving yourself a bit of pampering. A few drops of scent in the bath will let you just chill out for a while and be ensconced in luxurious, perfumed bubbles.

The work of a mum is never done, and we wouldn’t want it any other day, but you also need to remember that as well as being a mother, you are also a woman, and still need some time to yourself.

Article courtesy of Escentual


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