Perfect cakes for the Diamond Jubilee

Tuesday the 5th of June is a very special day for the people of the UK, and the rest of the commonwealth. This is the day that has been designated as Diamond Jubilee day, an extra bank holiday that allows the whole country the chance to celebrate the fact that Queen Elizabeth the 2nd has spent 60 years on the throne, a feat not accomplished since Queen Victoria back in 1897.

In keeping with the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 1977, streets and communities across the nation and beyond are coming together to hold parties and get to-gethers to commemorate this great occasion.

All this has given the avid cake makers somewhat of a dilemma; what to make for the big day to put on the table for everyone to enjoy. Biscuits, Jubilee cup cakes, buns, Union jack cakes, you name it and it can be decorated in red, white and blue to fit in with the day, but what to make is the big question.

As there isn’t, as yet, an Elizabeth sponge cake, why not make a Victoria sponge which marks both of the great ladies that ruled over us for 60 glorious years? For those who bake their own cakes for health reasons and want to know what goes into their creations, there are even some great reduced calorie recipes that look and taste delicious and only you will ever know they are low in fat, you can always tell them after they’ve eaten it of course.

The omission of any kind of margarine it what makes it reduced in calories, and with half spoon sugar used to you know that you are producing a much healthier alternative to the shop bought cakes that are loaded with fat and other ingredients identifiable by only numbers. Even the decoration can be low in fat, and by using fat free fromage frais, raspberries and blue berries you can stick with the red, white and blue theme.

Ultimately, Jubilee Day is one of celebration and fun, and will be no fun for those who have been stuck in the kitchen for weeks trying to perfect cakes that will be demolished in seconds. By making a simple but delicious sponge cake such as this, you can knock up a few in a very short time, affording you the luxury of a good night’s sleep and being fully prepared for a day full of merriment and celebration.

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