Parents warned about giving teens alcohol

Drinkaware, the alcohol education campaigners has warned parents not to provide young children with alcohol.

According to claims made by the group, 53% of all dads and mums in Wales offer their 16 and 17 year olds at least five bottles of spirits to consume over a holiday.  It also claims that 26% of Welsh parents give their children drink because they believe it is better they provide it than someone else since they are sure their children will find it anyway.

The group also claims that Welch parents are happy about giving their children drink even though a fifth are aware of the fact that a child has had a bad experience drinking, and two thirds of parents now of an incidence in which drink has made their child ill.

Chief executive of Drinkaware, Chris Sorek, stated that many 16 and 17 year olds in Wales enjoy marking the end of exams with a holiday, but if parents offer them alcohol to consume on the holiday they place their children at risk.

Sorek continued to say while parents may believe they are taking the appropriate action by making sure the alcohol comes from s trusted source instead of a stranger;  young children that drink in excess compromise their personal safety and increase the risks of accidents or unprotected sex.

Holidays in Newquay, Cornwall was overshadowed in 2009 when two students died that fell off the cliffs and an additional student broke their neck. Teens drinking also have caused a rash of incidents throughout the town as a result of anti-social behaviour.

Sorek stated that the best approach is to remind students that they do not need alcohol in order to celebrate.

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