Parents to get official internet complaints site

The PM, David Cameron, is to unveil the new online complaints website which is targetted at parents with concerns about the inappropriate material their children are being exposed to. The site is called Parentport, and parents will have the opportunity to lodge their complaints about individual cases, which will then trigger an investigation by Ofcom.

This service is just part of a series of new measures that the PM is hoping will lead to the end of child sexualisation, which will include the ban of adverts near schools and also children under the age of 15 being banned from being ambassadors for brands or products.

This move comes at the same time at the four largest providers of internet services are set to reveal that they are to offer customers an active choice in blocking adult content, at the point of sale. Mr Cameron is also expected to warn that he is prepared to take serious action against companies who don’t do more to stop the sexualisation of our children.

This is an issue that Mr Cameron has long taken interest in. When he was the leader of the opposition, he verbally attacked those retailers who sold to young girls skimpy clothing with suggestive wording on them. At a summit at Downing Street, Mr Cameron and the Children’s Minister Sarah Teather will meet both industry representatives and children.

A report in May from the CE of the Mothers’ Union, Reg Bailey, suggested numerous ways in which this issue should and could be tackled. Advertising near to schools is to be closely monitored, and any billboards that are seen to display risqué images that have clearly been designed to appeal to youngsters will be banned throughout the area surrounding schools.

The most difficult part to police will be attempting to stop youngsters being used as brand ambassadors, but ministers are fully determined to try and stop the way that social media can influence young and impressionable children.

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