Parents pretty responsible about child online safety

A study from Pew found that about 71% of all young adults between the ages of 11 to 19 had limited their online privacy settings.  However, while it is hard to predict how many teens and tweens are vigilant about their online safety, an online Yahoo survey reports parents play a large role.

According to the survey findings, about 70% of parents now discuss online safety with their children a few times every year, with 45% reporting they talk to their children about online safety every month.  One of the best ways that parents keep an eye on their children online is by adding them as contacts on social network sites.

Other parents take a more active role in monitoring their child’s safety online by checking their search queries, setting limitations on the time their children are allowed online, and by taking advantage of filters and parental controls.  71% of parents in the Yahoo survey used at least one of these tactics in order to monitor their child.

Interesting to note is the fact that fathers are more protective of their children’s online activities with 53% reporting they search for their child’s names two to three times every year to check their online footprint while only about 38% of mothers do.

In addition, fathers are also more likely to take action that will help their children understand the consequences of posting any personal information about themselves online.

At the conclusion of the study, Yahoo assigned parents an overall rating of B+ in terms of online protection of their children denoting that their job is well done, but leaves some room for improvement.

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