parents must not project their bitterness onto children

As a parent there are many responsibilities that you have to your child. One of the most important is that you raise your child to be a happy person and not carry around bitterness. Unfortunately it is all to easy for parents to damage their relationship with their children, even if they have no intention of doing this.

Most of the time it is inaction, rather than action, that can damage the relationship a child has with their parent. For example, not having meals together, or going on family trips, can mean that children do not feel as if they are involved in their parents lives.

As a child’s parents it is important that you make it clear to you children that you are to be respected, but if you do not show your children enough love then they may feel you are a bad parent and will not respect you.

In the past it was the case that children simply respected their parents because they were senior to them, but today children are more independent and have moved away from these traditional values. Especially as your children grow older, you are going to have to earn your children’s respect as it might not simply be given to you.

Children who have grown up must also understand that their parents are not perfect and that, like any human being, they make mistakes. If children do not understand this then they can feel bitter for a long time into their adult lives. Children should be willing to forgive their parents for mistakes they have made and understand that in the long term, they have gained a great deal from their parents – at the very least they have brought them up to be healthy and cared for.

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