Parents getting much fussier about school placements

Many parents are looking at schools that lay outside of their catchment area due to dissatisfaction about the education their children are receiving.  In fact, new figures show that parents are now more actively considering which school their children should attend for the first time in the last ten years.

In the 2008/2009 school year local authorities reported almost 30,000 placing requests compared to the previous year in which 28,500 calls were made, which is an increase of about five percent.  The amount of requests that were granted also rose to a percent at 83.8% compared to 82.3% in the 2007/2008 school year.

The growth appears to suggest that parents are no longer happy with local school options and are thus looking farther for better education opportunities for their children.  In fact, new studies that were published in 2009 show that the gap between the best council schools and the worst council schools is continuing to widen.

In response, the Scottish government is considering putting in place a new regulation that will cap the number of pupils in primary classes at 25 instead of the current 30 in order to protect schools from being forced to accept transfer requests.

A spokesman from the highly sought after East Renfrewshire Council stated that they are aware of the fact that many parents want their children to attend their schools, but it is hard to accommodate everyone given how many requests they receive.

A spokesman for the Scottish government however commented that most parents still choose their local school but out of those that place requests a healthy 80% are usually granted.

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