Parents food is not kiddy food

Toddlers are not just miniature adults as they are going through changes due to an intense period of physical and mental development so their nutritional needs are much different. Along with that they have immature digestive and immune systems and are not able to tolerate the same foods that most adults ordinarily consume.

Attention on the role of nutrition and the diet in maintaining healthy development and growth is due to the proliferation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), food allergies, asthma and childhood obesity.

It is quite easy to just give children food that is not nutritional for them when they are sitting in a high chair screaming for salty crisps and everyone else is eating the food it makes it hard to say no. For young children many processed and junk foods are harmful and the salt and sugar content in many adult foods is extremely high for children.

Young children should not have more than two grams of salt per day about 33% of what adults are recommended to consume and avoid giving sugary treats. Instead they should be consuming natural sugars in fresh fruit rather that processes sugar in candy. The high consumption of refined sugars has been linked to behavioural problems and hyperactivity and a lot of other related health issues.

Another important fact is feeding toddlers with food that is easily digestible and the rule of thumb is all their food should be cooked, particularly their veggies since raw food is harder to digest and serving the food at the temperature of the body also help to digest it easier.

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