Parental abuse is rarely mentioned but incredibly common

Although child abuse is a matter of concern, we rarely hear of cases of parental abuse, where a parent is injured by a child through inadvertent lack of motor skills, or a temper tantrum.

Children are very lovely, and cuddly, but you would be amazed at the number of parents who are injured by their two-year-olds, albeit unintentionally. If you are a parent, and you are reading this, then you can identify with this situation, perhaps because you have suffered the same fate.

I experienced my first taste of parent abuse, when my child was only 4 years old. I was sharing a bed with my mother, and we were both sound asleep, when my son pulled a wooden birdhouse from the windowsill above the bed, and hit me in the eye with it.

Although I lied to my co-workers about walking into something, some of them, probably victims of similar abuse could tell that I was a victim too. According to Hoffman, the little tykes cannot control their tempers impulses, and will lash out without knowing their strength, and you may find yourself with a few bruises or fractures.

He goes on to state that children are wonderful human beings, who are impulsive; stronger, and faster than you may think, and since they cannot be reasoned with, they may not understand the cost of their actions.

Unintentional Parental Abuse is not a matter to be trifled with. This is the opinion of emergency room physicians, paediatricians and other experts who have seen this happen severally.

Meals, cuddling, bath time, and other occasions that should spell a happy moment for the parent and child, can go terribly wrong due to their unpredictable nature. Even if the statistics for UPA are scanty, it is not uncommon for parents to suffer from torn earlobes, as the toddlers tug at earrings; nasal fractures, cut lips, concussions, chipped teeth; from swung objects; and corneal abrasions arising from children poking at the eyes.


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