Parasites on the rise in the UK

It seems as if parasites are something that have been making the news a bit too regularly in the UK recently, and scientists have just said that they expect that 350,000 people in the UK every year could become infected with the toxoplasmosis parasites.

Fortunately, only between 10 and 20 percent of people who get this sort of parasite have symptoms, however, it is important that if you do suspect you have been contaminated with a parasite that you seek the advice of your doctor. This parasite spreads through cats, so you need to be concerned if you have had contact with a cat, or have potentially eaten food that has been contaminated by a cat.

Harvey Locke is a veterinarian and he is recently commented, “While these parasites are mostly not a serious risk to people, there are certain vulnerable groups who need to be aware of the potential problems. If you have a compromised immune system for any reason, or are a pregnant woman, then you need to be able to take precautions against these parasites. This is something that can easily be done in usually just involves improving sanitation in the house.”

If you want to avoid the risk of being contaminated with this sort of parasite, then it is important to use gloves when you are gardening as if you don’t you might come into contact with the cat faeces, which is one of the main ways in which the parasite spreads.

You should also make sure that you wear gloves when you are changing the cat litter box, as this is another way for the parasite to be introduced into your system. Furthermore, if you harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden, make sure they are thoroughly washed before you consume them.

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