Organising your child’s wardrobe

Kids’ wardrobes are a lot harder to organise than adults’ due to the fact that children have a lot more items than adults. For example, they have games and toys that need to fit into the closet space as well as their clothes. In addition, your child may have things such as stuffed animals, blankets, sports equipment, and even more stuff that is going to need to have a place to go in the table.

The only good news is that at least children’s things are smaller which means they should take up less space as you try to figure out how to store them. Other things that you may want to consider storing in your children’s closets are hand me downs and miscellaneous items, but the good news is that you can just grab a large bin or some bags and place them on the floor.

This way you can use the higher shelves for items that you may want out of your children’s reach such as games and things with small pieces that you do not want them getting into. Given the fact that your child is still young, the clothes should be small allowing for plenty of room underneath them.

Finally, do not forget to leave some space for the clothes that your child outgrows as you can use them again for your older children. Usually a bag or a hamper that can be tucked into the corner of the room is enough to easily toss clothes into so that you will have them in the future once your next child grows a bit more.

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