Obese woman diets to have baby

An overweight woman termed morbidly obese by the medical community who had fetility struggles for the last ten years was able to lose half of her weight in order to give birth to a baby girl.

Lisa Glossop, who at 25 stone found herself with blocked fallopian tubes and a husband with a low sperm count, had all the odds stacked against her given that she was unable to lose weight via dieting and was too large for IVF treatment.  In fact, doctors told the couple that they had little chance of ever conceiving.

However, one gynecologist, told Glossop who is aged 33, that if she could lose weight and quit smoking she would be a candidate for IVF.

As a result, three years later Glossop underwent gastric bypass surgery which allowed her to lose 13 stone.  Then after two IVF attempts she was finally able to conceive and 14 weeks ago gave birth to a 7lb 12oz healthy baby girl named Gracie.

Glossop, stated that the process was the most dramatic time of her life and her emotions were all over the map crying one moment and then laughing the next.  She also stated that when the first IVF treatment failed she felt as if she had lost all her chances of having a baby.

During the second IVF treatment, six eggs were taken out of which two were implanted, and out of those Gracie was conceived.
The couple was married in 2003 and stated they had no idea conception would be such a struggle at the time.

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