Obese single women face more unwanted pregnancies

Obese single women are four times more likely to face an unplanned pregnancy than women that have a healthy weight, even though they have sex on a less frequent basis.

Research from the largest sexual health and obesity study also found that obese women are 63% less likely to ask for advice in regards to contraception, and are 66% less likely to take the Pill.

The study also found that obese women were five times more likely to have met their partner in the virtual world, and much more likely to have an obese partner.  They were also almost 30% less likely to have had a sexual partner over the last year when asked.

The study found that men also experience problems from obesity with obese men 69% less likely to report having more than one partner over the past year, compared to men that are a healthy weight, and are three times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.  They also were more likely to have a sexually transmitted disease.

The research involved around 12,000 participants of both sexes across France and is hailed by experts for having far reaching implications including greater focus on obese people and sex.

Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, from the Sexual Problems Clinic in North London at the Camden and Islington Mental health Trust stated that they need to take a closer look at obese women and their lower use of contraception, and take into account all of the possible explanations such as psychological, social, and biological aspects.

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