Obese pregnant women to take metformin

As part of trial done by the NHS, a drug to reduce the chance of obesity will be given to obese pregnant women. Too much food is going to a baby via overweight women and can lead to problems of health for children and mother.

The drug metformin is a drug doctors in the UK want to use which is also used in the treatment of diabetes. Weight Concern says they were very intrigued with the idea but wanted to express that women, prior to pregnancy, should reach their normal weight.

Researchers said they found that at many hospitals in the UK over 15% of the pregnant women arriving were obese. The risks involved with pregnant women who are obese includes pre-eclampsia and death while in the baby there is risk of being stillborn or overweight. Babies that are large at birth are generally more apt to be obese later on in life.

It is a common opinion that most obese women that are pregnant become resistant to insulin, which prevents sugar levels in blood from getting elevated. The drug metformin will reduce this resistance to insulin and in turn it is hoped that less sugar will go to the baby and will be a normal size at birth.

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