Obese children are becoming the norm in Scotland

A recent study that has been conducted by the British Heart Foundation has shown that children in Scotland who are aged between 11 years old and 15 years old are obese or overweight. The study also investigated whether children were eating enough vegetables and fruit every day and it found that nine in every 10 of them were not.

Health experts who’ve read the study have commented that it shows children are eating an alarming amount of unhealthy foods, including junk food. The study showed that Scottish students were most likely to eat crisps as a snack and this was ahead of fruit and other healthy options.

Andy Carver works with the British Heart Foundation in Scotland and he has recently commented, “Eating a poor diet can lead to long-term health consequences and the five-day rule is something that is seeming to be ignored in the country. Instead of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, Scottish students tend to be eating sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate instead of healthier alternatives.

“The previous generation of Scots tended to have a healthier lifestyle than the children today and new predictions are showing that Scottish children are probably going to live several years less than their parents. Much of this is due to increased levels of type II diabetes and obesity.”

It is not just Scotland that has shocking figures, the rest of the UK seems to be indulging in an equally unhealthy diet. Nearly one quarter of schoolchildren had an unhealthy snack more than three times a day. The survey involved over 2000 children and of these 40% said that they consumed an energy drink or a fizzy drink during the course of the day. The survey was conducted in September and is aimed at helping to tackle the childhood obesity problem.

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