NSPCC say kids are scared of parents who drink

The NSPCC revealed that every week over 100 children call the helpline provided for children aptly titled Childline out of concern for their parents’ habitual drug and alcohol use.

In the month of March alone about 5,700 children called the helpline and stated that they were having problems because their parents would not stop taking drugs or drinking.  66% of the children were worried that their parents drink too much.

Over the entire year over 150,000 calls were recorded and even some from children as young as five reporting that their parents were drinking too much alcohol.  Many of the children who called the helpline also stated that they were responsible for their younger siblings because their parents were not able to properly care for the family.

Sue Minto, the head of Childline, stated that children that live in homes with substance abuse are at a higher risk of harm then those who do not.

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