Nobody can replace parents as children’s primary supporters

Almost all children follow the same basic path towards development and growth, but some children are going to need more specialised support and care from parents as they enter the world. Research has shown that parents are the primary support system and those that are better prepared for the tasks usually end up with better results and happier children.

Parenting can be very erratic because the world changes and worries and challenges will pop up at every turn, this is enough to cause some parents constant struggle because it seems that from the baby years to the toddler years there are always problems.

The first stage you have to get through is infancy, and this stage is very important because during these first few months your child is undergoing a lot of rapid development and growth. Therefore, you have to make sure that they get the proper support.

During infancy they are sharpening their senses, developing their potential to learn in the future, and learning how to create a social relationship with their parents. In order to stay healthy they need love from parents and proper nutrition to keep the mind sharp.

The next stage is the toddler stage which is when a child passes through many physical developmental stages. This is when they learn to walk and eventually get moving around the home. This allows them to learn independence but also limits, and as a parent it is your job to teach them how to be properly independent while also setting limits and guidelines.

Most toddlers will test their parents extensively at this stage and it is very important to make sure that you set guidelines and properly deal with temper tantrums so that your child stays manageable as they get older.

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