New website tackles problems of drink and drugs among youngsters

New website tackles problems of drink and drugs among youngsters

New website tackles problems of drink and drugs among youngsters

A new website has been launched that is dedicated to the problem of alcohol and drug abuse amongst young people.

The site is called and is designed to be easily accessed by both children and teenagers who many concerns about drink or drugs, and also for carers and practitioners who are working alongside young people.

This site is unlike any other resource of this kind as it includes such material as music videos and films that have been made by young people and produced to a professional standard. It it also aiming to bring together resources such as fact sheets from various organisation and workshop plans so the are all in one place and are freely available who all who seeks information. has been created as part of the collaboration between Groundwork UK, The Children’s Society and the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) in a Home Office-funded ‘Choices’ programme.   Choices helps the voluntary and community sector to prevent and reduce substance misuse and related offending by vulnerable people aged 10-19 years.

The website draws on material created as part of PSBT’s ITV Fixers initiative supporting young people to undertake social action campaigns to benefit their communities.  More than 6000 young people have become Fixers since 2008, and many of them are concerned about substance misuse.  Some have overcome personal battles with drugs or alcohol.

As well as creating, the Groundwork/TCS/PSBT Choices partnership is working in 10 distinct areas of England and Wales in projects that support vulnerable children and teenagers to be more aware of the impact of substance misuse.  In some projects, young people are undertaking their own Fixers campaigns and creating their own new resources for

Margo Horsley, Chief Executive of PSBT, say: “There is an honesty, like no other, when young people want to tell their stories about the impact of drugs and alcohol on their lives because they want to prevent other young people from going through the same thing. And young people listening just know it!  Some 80 Fixers, from all over the country, volunteered to participate in this initiative and I really admire their commitment and passion to make a difference.”

In 2010 ITV Fixers won several accolades in the Children & Young People Now Positive Images Awards, including Best Media Portrayal of Young People.

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