New Volvic Tropical Fruits

Volvic is one of the best known names in the bottled spring water sector and even though they were one of the top selling brands, with their famous Volcanicity catchphrase, they certainly didn’t rest on their laurels. A couple of years ago Danone, the parent company of Volvic, introduced us to the wonders of their Touch of Fruit range. This proved to be hugely successful and showed massive growth and record sales in 2012.

Now we have a whole new taste sensation to enjoy; Volvic Touch of Tropical Fruits. This intoxicating blend of tropical fruit flavours against the freshness of Volvic water will tantalise your taste buds like you wouldn’t believe. The only way to describe this experience is by saying there is a party going on in your mouth that everyone is invited to!

Such a product deserves a TV advert that stands out from all the rest, and Volvic have nailed it on this front two. Take Joey Essex and Sam Faiers and put them in a car. Joey is behind the wheel complaining because they are stuck in traffic. Joey moans that he wants to be on a beach on a tropical island, Sam tells him he is with her in Essex so get over. Joey sighs, reaches for his bottle of Volvic Tropical Fruits and when he unscrews the lid the pulsating sound of La Bamba can be heard.

Sam hears it too and asks him what it is, it happens every time he takes the top off so Sam dares him to drink it. He is transported to a fake desert island, with Sam in a bikini and fake tan. Against the beat of La Bamba the two frolic in the sand and have a whole lot of fun in their own little fake world with one exception, the only thing that’s real is the Volvic Tropical Fruit.

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