New self-help book aims to plug the gaps in the English language

Jill Bray drew on her years of experience in researching and teaching the English language, her greatest expertise and love, and wrote English Essentials Explained: How to Properly Master the English Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation – and so much more, which is a 160-pages self-help book.

This book, which costs £8 + shipping and is available from Amazon or from Jill Bray’s website, is aimed at anyone who is hesitant about the standard of his/her use of spoken or written English.

The author believes that at a time when many people in the UK suffer from problems in understanding the basics of English language, which may have originated in primary school, this new book could provide an effective way to fill vital gaps and increase confidence in use of the English Language.

The author also believes that the book could be a great help to non-native speakers from Intermediate level upwards, as well as to teachers or lecturers who need a quick and easy but reliable and flexible revision aid.

Author Jill Bray explains what makes this book so different:

“My book uses a compilation of 349 tips, with over 1,000 (often humorous) examples that are specially designed to help fill the small or gaping gaps in any reader’s knowledge, and in a way that doesn’t feel like hard work. My own love of our language and my many years of teaching experience have shown me that many people have at least some grey areas in writing or speaking the English language. I’ve often thought that these grey areas could be quite easily demystified if only there was a concise, reliable and engaging book to explain these things in a straightforward and fun way. My book is designed to do just that. You don’t have to be intellectual or an academic – anybody can use it.”

The book instructs readers how to write correctly in any situation, including becoming confident in using appropriate formal and informal language. It also offers tips on how to spellcheck on your computer, how to link sentences and paragraphs, how to optimise documents, and covers vital aspects of drafting, writing and proofreading.

Jill’s plans for improving our use of the English Language don’t stop there. She explains: “The book and its five sections separately will be made into Kindles. And five accompanying Quiz/Test books will be coming as soon as I can write them!”

For more information, call Jill Bray on 01684 560354, email or visit


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