New research confirms many myths surrounding a man’s sperm count

Men that are worried that their unhealthy activities may be causing them to lower their sperm count can breathe easy for a minute as new research suggests that many of the common behaviours linked to low sperm counts may actually have nothing to do with the matter.

That’s right men, although your wife may lecture you about drinking alcohol, smoking, and being overweight, new research has found that these guidelines originally set by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence may not really have anything to do with sperm count at all.

However, men are not entirely off the hook, because researchers did find that there is one common belief that still holds true: underwear choice. It turns out that the right type of underwear can actually increase a male’s ability to have a child and, conversely of course, lower sperm count if the wrong type of underwear is worn on a daily basis.

It turns out that tighty whities truly are out both in style and purpose as wearing looser fitting underwear such is boxers is the best choice for men who are attempting to conceive a child with their partner.

Allan Pacey, a member of the research team and University of Sheffield senior lecturer, stated that men do not have to give up all of their vices in order to become a father, but they do have to think about the type of underwear that they choose to wear. According to research, Pacey said that men who wear tight underwear with a Y-front should consider switching to looser underwear for a few months to help stimulate their body to produce more sperm.

Apparently, looser underwear will also lead to healthier sperm and therefore increase the chances of having a child. In order to create healthy sperm that is capable of fertilising an egg, the testicles need to be about a degree or two lower than the temperature of the body, which is why they actually hang outside of the body in their own sac area.

Tight underwear, on the other hand, pushes them close to the body, warming the sac and therefore destroying the sperm before they have a chance to be released. Thus, simply wearing looser underwear so that the sperm sit farther from the body as evolution intended may be the trick to being able to father a child.

As part of the study, researchers from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester took a look at 900 men who had low sperm counts and then compared them to 1,300 men that were considered to have high sperm counts.

They discovered that weight, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco had little to do with anything, but that boxer shorts made all of the difference. Not only may this force some men to join the 2000s, but it ought to help other men debate their lifestyle choices when it comes down to fighting their wives on day to day choices.


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