New practical guide for parents concerned for their teens online presence

Leading UK Online Reputation Management Experts, Igniyte provide a guide to managing your teenager’s personal information online – invaluable free help and advice.

We all want the best for our children…and maintaining a positive digital profile is essential for a generation who’ve grown up using the web.

But when it comes to helping teenagers find their way in the online world, it can be hard for parents to be sure of the best approach.

How do you keep today’s tech-savvy young people safe, while allowing and encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of engaging across social media? What steps can you take to help your teenagers create the online CV and presence employers and admissions tutors are increasingly looking for?

Now a new, free e-book aims to answer all these questions and more – providing easy accessible, expert advice for parents and youngsters.

Launched this week by online reputation management specialists, Igniyte, A Guide to Managing Your Teenager’s Personal Information Online, takes a closer look at all things digital and offers practical support in areas like employment, university admissions, privacy and identity.

As well as providing vital information on addressing safety and settings, it emphasises the need to be proactive in the online space too – showing young people how to create a positive digital reputation to impress future employers or universities.

Author and digital pioneer, Simon Wadsworth, says he hopes the guide will give parents the information they need and encourage them to work with their children in the online arena.

As he says: “Today’s teenagers are the first generation to have grown up with online in their lives and for them and us as parents, learning how to manage the way they present themselves online is an essential life skill.

“We want to help demystify the digital arena and give parents and teenagers the tools they need to promote themselves sensibly and safely.

“It’s very easy to make mistakes in the online world – and they can have lasting consequences or damage a young person’s long-term prospects.

“Our new eBook has been designed to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of online while avoiding some of the most obvious pitfalls.”

What’s Your Teenager Doing Online?

Understand how your teenager is presenting themselves online by following these key steps:

• Search for your teenager’s name online, along with their home town, school or club, and see what appears – if any of their social media posts show up in the searches, advise them to change their privacy settings to ‘friends’ only.

• Assess what different types of devices your teenager has access to, for example games consoles, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and web cams – ensure these are securely managed.

• Know which social networking sites your teenager is using, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online chat – help them optimise privacy and security settings.

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