New Kids app Animals Actually encourages children to eat healthily

Apple are behind a new kids game app launching- ‘ANIMALS ACTUALLY,’which will be available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play. Which Launched on 7th September.

Aimed at children aged between 4-8yrs, ANIMALS ACTUALLY illustrates the importance of teaching children about morals, important life skills and kindness to people and animals that will be translated into everyday life. The aim is for ANIMALS ACTUALLY to be used in schools nationwide as a learning tool for parents and children to understand that kindness is a strength and the significance of eating healthily. The antithesis of games that train kids to be violent, ANIMALS ACTUALLY encourages compassion for animals and people through children’s books, music, videos and mini-games. There are 75 characters in the game and they are all interactive and exciting! It is a really fun, colourful game that has loads of catchy songs for children to sing along to.


Animals Actually

Animals Actually

There are so many games out there at the moment that promote violence and negative opinions and ideals; thus encouraging and misleading the next generation into believing that it’s ok and even fun to be violent. So much of what our kids are exposed to right now is inappropriate content on all key platforms such as TV/ play station/online gaming etc. Animals Actually is the first children’s game that has been created to try and promote positivity, kindness and caring as well as healthy eating.

The Founder, is a 4th generation vegetarian and vegan. She is very passionate about promoting eating healthily and educating people on vegetarianism especially today when childhood obesity is on the rise and children are not being educated correctly when it comes to their eating. Her love of the environment is at the forefront of her campaign, Animals Actually’s main message:

“To create a kinder brighter future for children through the Animals Actually teachings and principals, To teach children compassion and to make being kind cool”

Animals Actually has had the most amazing support pre-launch as the CEO of PETA, Head of Green Peace, Linda McCartney foods and Quorn, to name but a few have taken an interest and are already following the brand on twitter.

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