New IVF possibility for older women

Doctors believe that IVF treatments may be more successful for older women if their eggs are spliced with the eggs of a woman that is younger.

In fact, scientists believe that splicing and combining the eggs may double the chance of pregnancy from IVF, due to the fact the younger women’s eggs help to counteract the damage to eggs due to age.

On the other hand, critics of the process consider that babies born from this type of treatment have two different mothers which is not a natural process.

In any IVF treatments things that can decrease the chances of success, damage to the nucleus, the jelly like cytoplasm that surrounds the egg, or damage to the area where the DNA is stored.

According to the New Scientist reports, Atsushi Tanaka has attempted to splice 31 eggs out of which 25 cases were successful.

Out of these eggs, seven of the eggs started to develop into embryos when injected with sperm, which is a little over double the traditional rate.

Since the DNA is held in the nucleus the baby would still look like the male and female parents, but technically it would have two mothers and fertility laws in the UK do not allow babies to have three parents.

Reproductive Ethics member Josephine Quintavalle said that nature has been great at taking care of human reproduction and the idea that science feels they can make the process better is ridiculous.


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