New campaign aids to get kids to put down the gadgets and play properly

A brand new campaign calledPledge 2 Play has been launched by the directors of two leading creative brands for kids. The two are Jennifer Duthie, who was recently a nominated finalist in the Shell Livewire awards in the Entrepreneur of the Year category and Aly Cranston.

Jennifer from Skribbies and Aly fro the Rainy Day Box Co have come together through their mutual passion for getting kids back to playing more traditionally and creatively and with less gadgetry involved. This is the message Jennifer and Aly are sending out with their brand new Pledge 2 Play campaign.

The campaign encourages grownups to put down the gadgets and provides creative support to help them Pledge 2 hrs per week to spend creatively with their little ones. 

In a world with an ever-increasing number of technological mediums the balance between electronic and traditional play can get a little uneven. Whilst there is a great place for learning through apps, computers and TV it is often an activity of solitude. Pledge 2 Play is all about encouraging parents to redress this balance and make a conscious effort to interact as a family in a creative way on a regular basis.

How does it work?

Commit to a regular time each day or week to spend the 2 hours creatively with your kids; it could be 30 minutes every other day or 2 hours over the weekend.
• Turn off or place in another room all electronic mediums TV’s, ipads, computers and phones.
• Engage with your child in a FUN activity (not homework), it could be going for a walk, cooking together, making things, drawing or story-telling. 

What are the benfits?

Children’s imagination and creativity can improve considerably from this time together.
• Little ones may use the time to open up about things that are on their mind.
• Family relationships can improve and become stronger.
• You could notice an improvement in behaviour.

But I already do this:
That’s great, most families do engage in some traditional play. By joining the
 Pledge 2 Play you’re showing your support for this ethos and giving yourself that gentle reminder to spend more time together. Pledge 2 Play will send you creative ideas, tips and exclusive deals to assist you in spending quality play time with your children.

In short: Let’s up the creativity and spend more creative time together as a family with a little less gadgetry.
To join the crusade and show your support simply sign up here

You can also Like the Pledge 2 Play Facebook page and follow Pledge 2 Play on Twitter @pledge_2_play


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