New approach to solving kids’ problems

Facing the dilemma as to what is the answer to the problems confronting your child? Dr Bhooshan Shukla, a child psychiatrist who has been working in Pune for quite some time, has come up with a workshop in collaboration with Vrije University, Amsterdam to make it easier for the parents to find new and innovative methods to find answers to the problems of the kids of today.

Describing the project that lasted nearly 4 months, Dr Bhooshan told that the idea behind the workshop is to let parents think of new and innovative ways to solve the problems of their children instead of making use of age old methods like punishment, reward, shame, and anger.

With changing times and values, the tips and advices on parenting that have been passed down since many generations might not be very effective. This is because of the fact that the situations, barriers, and problems confronting the parents and the kids are totally different than they were earlier.

This has created a situation where parents find themselves devoid of problem solving skills and have to come up with their own solutions all the time. But the parents of today are a product of the same system that the kids of today are going through. Therefore, these parents are not very creative and find themselves lacking of creative answers to the problems of kids, according to Dr Shukla.

Parents are provided with situations containing problems and they are asked to come up with their solutions. In the workshop, 20 parents are being involved and their solutions to problems will form the basis of the module that will be used to help parents is similar situations.

The reason why a foreign university is being involved in the project is because they are very interested in learning the problems of kids and solutions of parents to these problems in a developing country.  Dr Bhooshan said that a researcher, Emmy de Wit from the Dutch university, will be a part of the workshop.

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