Never too soon to start brushing a child’s teeth

The average age a child teethes their first tooth is about eight months even though some are earlier and some later it all depends in the individual child, but what ever age it is, the teeth need to be brushed as soon as they appear.

There are parents that think brushing the teeth of their infants is not important but that is incorrect, it is very important. This will reduce the risk of cavities and promote good hygiene from the beginning, and both are good reasons to make sure they brush.

Children for the most part do not like to have their teeth brushed, so the best thing is ignore the crying or tantrums and continue on with the brushing. This will let the child know that no matter how he acts his teeth will be brushed. If you stop brushing his teeth because of the way he acts, then he knows that he can do that through those kinds of actions he will get his own way.

The battle is known and with persistence you will win, but if you give in to him now then you will have a losing battle on your hands forever. Ignore the misbehaving and for the short amount of time it happens and then he will accept that his teeth must be brushed and that it may be better to just stop the misbehaving.

This will help both you and your child when it comes time for your child to make their first trip to the dentist. He will be used to have something stuck in his mouth and will be comfortable with the dentist in that regard.

You can start with a soft toothbrush and mild toothpaste.

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