Nappy rash the never ending baby curse

There are times when a baby develops small spots and red patches in areas covered by the nappy. This is known as nappy rash and is very sensitive to the touch or to anything coming into close contact

The condition is nothing to be alarmed about and in fact affects over 75% of all new babies up to the age of one year. It is all too easy to delay changing a nappy but in reality the newly soiled nappy should be changed as soon as possible. Leaving the soiled nappy not only leaves the most awful, lingering smell, but will almost definitely lead to a nappy rash.

The baby’s posterior should be well dried and wiped at every nappy change. Avoid using highly perfumed and chemical soaked wipes as they will only aggravate the problem. It is advisable to refrain from using wipes in a baby’s first year due to the delicacy of the skin. It is far better to use a softer, more absorbent material.

Ammonia, a chemical produced in an infant’s urine and waste matter is the cause of the rash. It causes severe skin irritation and can lead to further complications like thrush and yeast infection. To help in soothing or even preventing the rash always use warm water and cotton wool. Female babies are just as prone to this as males. Always remember to change baby frequently and it is advisable to check even for a light wetting.

Another way of helping is to leave the nappy off for a while. An accident may happen should baby decide to soil the couch or furniture but baby’s skin is far more important. Fresh air does assist in the drying and healing process. To treat the rash use creams that include zinc and castor oil. Now and then they work better than what is prescribed by the specialists.

Changing the make of nappy is another way of helping the process. An expensive product does not mean that it is a better nappy. Some mothers and carers do not agree with the modern disposable nappy and still prefer the old toweling type.

Babies have different skin types and one nappy brand may suit one but not another. Should the rash appear severe, it may mean a visit to the doctor who can prescribe the correct thrush cream.

By using these methods, baby will have a better chance of a rash free bottom. A pain free baby is a happy baby and may help in everyone having a peaceful night. Baby will not sleep the night through wearing an uncomfortable nappy. Always remember baby cannot ask for a change and is totally reliant on others for help.

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