Mum discovers child’s brain tumour online

BTWhen four year old Bella Flint said that she felt ill a GP stated that a child was simply looking for attention after her baby sister arrived, however, her mother thought there was more to it than that, luckily for Bella.

Her mother, Carly Hornbuckle, said that her mother’s intuition drove her to head online to diagnose her symptoms because she had a feeling that the illness was more than just a childhood bug or the result of sibling rivalry.

Hornbuckle actions ended up saving her life because when she looked up Bella’s symptoms that included vomiting in the morning, weight loss, and listlessness she discovered that they were all signs of a brain tumour.

Once she discovered the diagnosis, she ran to another GP who agreed to test Bella, at which point it was discovered there was a tumour about the size of a golf ball in her brain.

It took an eight hour operation and Bella is now receiving chemotherapy for the next year, but the prognosis is positive.

Hornbuckle stated that she knew something was wrong because a mother knows her child.

Bella’s parents became concerned in France while on holiday when the child started vomiting after waking up.  They noticed she was losing weight but the GP said that the child seemed to well overall for something serious to be wrong with her.

The tumour was finally found at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and diagnosed as medulloblastoma, which only affects about 80 children across the nation.

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