Mothercare create new smartphone app

For most mothers, mobile phones are now a godsend which is why high street mother’s brand Mothercare has decided to create a new app that they can use on the go as part of collaboration with Myleene Klass.

Klass is a well known celebrity mother who helped to bring about the app after research showed that about 90% of all modern mothers believe that their Smartphone is one of the most important parenting tools they have at their disposal. In fact, more than half of all mothers state they would struggle without their mobile phone.

Parenting and baby specialist Mothercare, took a look at the mobile activity of about a thousand mothers and soon to be mothers to help launch the release of its new parenting app. They found that women that have children younger than ten or are expecting children have more smartphones among them when compared to any other demographic group.

In fact, in the Mothercare survey four out of five women in this group stated they have a Smartphone. This is almost a twenty percent increase compared to data that was collected last year and is almost twenty more than the national average of cell phone users.

New mothers find that smartphones are especially helpful as they can browse blogs and parenting websites with their phones. Three out of four mothers that use smartphones on a regular basis stated that they would be ‘lost’ if they didn’t have the tool at their disposal.

Out of the entire group surveyed, only ten percent felt that smartphones did not play a role in helping them to raise their children. Families and friends also benefit as mothers are more likely to send photos and information about their children via smartphone messaging capabilities.

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