More single mums than ever in Birmingham

Due to the huge number of single mothers giving birth in Birmingham, it was named as the country’s Vicky Pollard capital. In fact, eight out of the top ten areas for single mums in Britain are located in the city. The area that had the largest number in 2011 is Shard End, which registered 180 babies born to mothers who chose not to put the name of the father on their birth certificates.

Likewise, Birmingham was seen to have more gymslip pregnancies in 2011 with 157 girls below 16 years old becoming pregnant. The data from the year 2011 is the only available information as of now.

According to the head of education and family at Civitas, Anastasia de Waal, the reason for the increase in single parenting is their main concern. From what they saw, money problems are the most common cause of the couples’ break up. The huge number of unemployment, high prices of supermarket goods, and recession debts also put families on the rocks.

She added that the reason why the poorest areas of the country have more number of single parents is because of the unavailability of jobs and De Waal also emphasised the breakdown in the relationship is not the cause of the couples’ hardships.

De Waal went on by saying that single parenting is very difficult, especially with the state of the economy today. She also noted that those children of single parents in UK don’t get emotional and financial support from their father.

For the past 40 years, the figure of children born to single parents has drastically increased. In England and Wales, more than 50,000 babies have only their mothers’ information on their certificate. This is a three-fold increase in four decades. Meanwhile, 70,000 fathers registered different addresses in the documents, twice the number registered 25 years ago.

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