More intelligent way to divorce finally arrives

Divorce is a complicated matter both financially and emotionally and the finance of the situation has often meant that people are trapped in marriages because they cannot afford the legal fees to get divorced, or simply do not want to spend money on a lawyer.

This is not so surprising when the average divorce is estimated to cost somewhere between twenty and forty thousand pounds. Intelligent Divorce is a service that exists to help separate finance from emotion and will allow you to keep the money that you have generated yourself. is an alternative to expensive legal fees and will give couples who want to separate the opportunity to do it through low cost legal advice. They provide a service that works out a fair split of the assets, much like in the way that a court would – only at a fraction of the cost.

The idea is a new initiative by the countries leading firm of family lawyers and it is designed to appeal to those who are in the squeezed middle of society – those who have some assets but don’t want to waste them away on legal fees.

In a traditional divorce much of the time charged by a solicitor is spent gathering information about a couple’s finances. This task can now be completed by the clients themselves, using the step-by-step guidance on the Intelligent Divorce website.

Once the full financial picture is clear, couples using the ‘co-operative’ service will get a legal opinion from an experienced family law barrister as to what a court would view as a ‘fair’ split.

The couple can then use this advice, along with the tools on the site, to agree an amicable and legally fair division of their assets. Equally, where one half of a couple uses the service on their own, they can use the barrister’s opinion as a cost effective way to settle with their ex-partner, knowing that they are negotiating based on professional knowledge.

The cost for an individual to obtain bespoke legal advice from a barrister about their case (the ‘solo’ service) is fixed at £780 (inc VAT). The co-operative service is fixed at £1,630 (incl. VAT) for a couple, which includes the drafting of a consent order (the legally binding version of the couple’s eventual agreement), and help filing their divorce in court* – a huge saving compared to the traditional lawyer-led routes.

According to the site’s founders, James Roberts and Mahie Abey, there are several clear benefits of using this route: “Intelligent Divorce’s service is ‘fixed cost’, unlike using lawyers where legal costs can easily spiral beyond the initial estimate. It is these ‘unknown costs’ that lead many couples to sit tight unhappily whereas the best route for them is to agree an amicable split.

The timescales for the process itself can also be reduced dramatically, from around a year if the couple go to court, to just 2 months to complete the process via our site.”
Legal advice is provided by a pool of 40 family law barristers at 1KBW, one of the leading teams of family law barristers in the country. was launched in September 2011.

*Court costs to issue the actual divorce = £385

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