MINE4SURE iron-on name labels - easy to use and fun

Mine4Sure Shoe Name StickersMINE4SURE offers a range of personalised iron-on name labels for marking children’s clothes. The labels stick quickly, easily and effectively on all types of fabrics. The company also offers stickers for marking other belongings, such as lunch boxes and stationery. Orders can be placed through the company’s website and delivery is free all over the world.

MINE4SURE labels offer a quick, long-lasting and affordable way to mark and identify children’s belongings. The labels are made from an innovative iron-on material, which is resistant to washing and drying and will not fade or peel off. The labels are quick to affix, taking under 10 seconds to apply with an iron. The labels stick to all fabrics, including nylon and wool, which means that they can be used on all items of clothing, even socks.

Schools, nurseries, holiday camps and sports clubs often require children’s clothes and belongings to be identified, as children easily lose their possessions or are not able to recognise them. Sewing on labels can be laborious and time consuming, so MINE4SURE has designed and developed a range of iron-on labels that stick to all types of fabrics. The company also offers a comprehensive range of stickers for other kinds of surfaces.

As well as being practical, the labels are fun, with a wide range of colours and fonts to choose from. Pictures can also be added to customise the labels. The iron-on labels can be used for any item of clothing, such as uniforms, babies’ clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers, socks, coats, sportswear, bibs, underwear, trousers and T-shirts, as well as other fabric articles including napkins, towels and sheets. The company’s range of stickers can be used to mark other items, such as shoes, sports equipment, stationery and toys.

MINE4SURE’s stickers are resistant to wear and tear and can be used on items that go into dishwashers, microwaves, bottle warmers and sterilisers. The stickers come in a range of different shapes and sizes. The large stickers are suitable for books, notebooks, baby bottles, beakers, lunch boxes, tennis rackets, toys, school bags, sports bags, lockers, cooler bags, flasks, skateboards, surfboards, skis, rollerblades, suitcases, and so on.

The small stickers are designed for use with pencil cases, rulers, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, headphones, toys, table-tennis bats, musical instruments, inflatable rings, arm bands, board games, game consoles, and similar items.

The mini-stickers can be used to identify pens, markers, colouring pencils, sunglasses, swimming goggles, toothbrushes, combs, shampoo bottles and cutlery, for example.

The five-line stickers are specially designed to include an address or personalised message, and can include up to five lines of text. These stickers are ideal for identifying luggage or bikes, to indicate allergies or medical conditions, or for use on special occasions (such as birthdays and weddings).

MINE4SURE also makes stickers that are specially designed for shoes: these stickers are protected by a transparent film for tougher resistance to perspiration and rubbing. They can be used on all kinds and sizes of shoes, such as flip-flops, boots, football boots, ballet shoes, flippers, slippers, trainers and tennis shoes.

MINE4SURE products do not contain any harmful chemicals, since all the inks and materials used comply with Germany’s Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is considerably stricter than other European standards.

The labels can be ordered directly through MINE4SURE’s website. Secure payment is accepted in pounds sterling, euros and US dollars. There is no charge for delivery.


MINE4SURE was founded by Benoit-Jean Morin, a father of four young children, who recognised the need for an easier and more efficient way of marking clothes and belongings. The company is based near Pau (in the Pyrenees region of south-western France) and has been making labels and stickers since 2005.

For further information, please go to: www.mine4sure.com

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