Middle class no longer think University is a viable option

Over 30% of middle income families – those with incomes of £15k – £40k – think the recent increase in tuition fees had made courses at the university too expensive and not worth the money according to Edge charity research.

Despite government claims that the changes to funding at the universities would make courses more accessible to those less fortunate with some fees to having to pay back until graduates are able to find employment that pays at least £21,000 meaning close to 1/3 of the students would never pay anything back.

Middle income parents for too long have been blinkered to other options of education instead of university for their children. The vocation route can equip young people with skills needed to help them be successful in the marketplace.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills says that going to university is dependent on ability not the ability to pay. Going to university and getting a degree is investing in your future.

A separate study shows that over 33% of parents do not fully understand the how the new funding changes work and UUK president Sir Steve Smith said that it is more important than ever before to positively show what we can offer our students.

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