Make sure this freshers week that the air they breathe is also fresh

Make sure this freshers week that the air they breathe is also fresh

Make sure this freshers week that the air they breathe is also fresh

Buy a carbon monoxide alarm to ward of potential danger to your child’s life

Has your son or daughter taken gone off to university lately and moved into rented accommodation? Martin Clayton, the owner of a company making monoxide alarms says you must make sure their rooms are fitted with such an alarm.

A carbon monoxide detector is a cheap device that can detect high levels of this gas which poses a great danger to health and can result in death in extreme cases. Martin says that every appliance at home that makes use of fuel is a culprit as it can give off significant levels of CO.

He said: “CO is colourless, odourless and tasteless and is absolutely deadly, killing around 50 people every year in the UK, leaving about 200 seriously ill and many thousands suffering adverse effects.  Having a detector fitted is the only way of checking the air is clear.”

Martin’s call has been echoed by Blue Watch, the fire and home safety scheme delivered by the UK’s Chief Fire Officers Association Services (CSL).

Del Bowes, customer services director at Blue Watch, said: “As well as helping homeowners and landlords to fit Blue Watch approved safety products correctly in their homes, we will work closely with Chief Fire Officers Association and the UK’s fire and rescue services to raise awareness of the dangers and risks of fire and CO poisoning.”

Paul Fuller, CSL chair, said: “As a serving fire chief, I am proud of the work fire and rescue services across the UK have done to drive down death and injury, but more can always be done. Too many lives are still lost and injuries caused, which is why we have set up Blue Watch.  Using our experience, knowledge and professionalism we will help landlords make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide. It’s all about providing the best possible advice and support, as well as top quality safety products.”

Martin Clayton said that even a blocked chimney flue or failed boiler seal can cause a build-up of deadly CO with tragic results.  “Even if the build-up of CO is not enough to kill you, it can cause flu like symptoms and cause long term health problems.”

“Having your own fuel burning appliances checked over is still no guarantee that you are safe as CO can leak through from neighbouring properties. A CO alarm costs under £20, with a battery that will last seven years and can save your child’s life. Most students struggle to make ends meet and often live in properties at the lower end of the rental market, which makes it even more important.”

“Most rented properties will have a smoke alarm but not all have CO alarms as they are not yet legally necessary.  A recent survey of 2,000 homes in Liverpool revealed that 92 per cent did not have a CO alarm.”

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