Majorca – All Inclusive Holidays & Resorts

Taking an all inclusive holiday with your family is one of the simplest methods of making sure you know exactly what you’ll be spending while you’re away.  Everything from your flights, transfers and accommodation to meals, snacks and drinks are included, and often a wide variety of activities and entertainment as well.

Many of the resorts across Majorca offer an all inclusive option, and are therefore ideal when you want to take a holiday from money worries as well as enjoying the sunshine, sea and fun that Majorca has to offer.

C’an Picafort

Lying on the north east coast, this is a great quiet and relaxing base that’s perfect for families and couples and a number of the hotels here offer an all inclusive package.  There are two main beaches, and a town with narrow winding streets with plenty of shops and cafes that you can enjoy if you want to.  However, the beachside resorts here are fully laden with things to do and offer good food and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere that will leave you feeling like this is a home away from home.


This is an area where there are some ultra modern resorts with hotel complexes that are virtually right on the beach.  Magaluf is the island’s premier party resort, and even with an all inclusive holiday, you may want to explore some of the many pubs and nightclubs on the Punta Balena strip which is where most of the really big disco’s are.

Palma Nova
Just next door to Magaluf this area is more family oriented.  One of the best resorts here for an all inclusive holiday is the Palma Nova Hotel where you can enjoy a wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants in this ever popular hotel complex as well as the beach which is just 200 metres away.  Included in your all inclusive package are daily activity programmes and nightly entertainment making this location absolutely ideal for those who want to really enjoy their all inclusive deal to the fullest.


Nightlife in Alcudia tends to centre around the hotels and discos that are within the resorts so choosing this as your destination makes opting for an all inclusive package ideal.  Although there’s so much on offer in this area that you may still want to take one or two excursions to places like the water park, or into Alcudia town where you can see the walled city with it’s narrow streets and fascinating history.  The hotel Jupiter is one which is popular with people who are opting for an all inclusive holiday.

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