London schools in too many pupils meltdown

With the schools in London full and close to the bursting point there are still another 70,000 places that need to be created to fill the demand. The factors causing this are the rising birth rate and the fact that fewer residents are moving out of the city because of the slow down in the property market.

Schools are trying to cope this year with temporary buildings housing over 11,000 pupils because of the lack of permanent classrooms and the projection is that over the next five years there will be a shortfall of over 70,000.

A sharp rise in the number of reception school places is expected to with an already 10,000 shortage. The children and young people of London Councils executive member Steve Reed says that the increase in primary age children across London has put a great deal of pressure on the system and an even sharper increases of shortfalls are expected.

We do not want return to oversized classes nor do we want to bus kids across the city and will know the rights that all parents have about their children attending a local school. There is a need for £520 million additional funding to make sure every pupil has a place during the 2011/12 school year but only £210 has been allocated by the government.

Over 64% of all the new school places needed in the country are needed in the capital but London only receives 26% of the country funding, but those figures were disputed by the Government says a Department of Education spokesman and a review was in process to figure out how to fund  the extra places that are needed. The issue about primary places from the rising birthrates it too major of an issue to be ignored for too much longer.

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