Little Tikes – Toys Built to Last!

There are many people who will remember having, or even begging their parents for the iconic red and yellow Cosy Coupe Car, which has unsurprisingly sold several million since it was first created 30 years ago…

Little Tikes products are well known for producing durable, imaginative and iconic toys, which they have been creating for the past 40 years. The brand creates a variety of different categories for children of all ages, which include infant toys, activity centres, sandboxes, musical toys, slides, play trucks, ride-on toys, playhouses, role-play toys and children’s furniture.

The Little Tikes company have bagged themselves nearly 40 awards for their outstanding toys – the Cambridge Playhouse, Inside Outside Cook’n’Grill Kitchen, Sunshine Garden Cottage and Classic Castle are just a few of the Little Tikes toys to win recognition.

Many of the toys are extremely useful for helping children to build certain skills, such as physical development, imagination, social awareness and creativity.

For example, the Little Tikes Country Cottage, suitable for 2 years+, includes a pretend sink, hob with clicking knobs and a push-button play phone. This toy gives your child the confidence to explore the world around them, learn to make friends and enjoy other children’s company, as well as encouraging them to use their imagination.

The legendary Cosy Coupe Car range now comes in a variety of different styles to suit your child, for example there’s the Real Rescue Police Car, Cosy Cab Black Taxi, the Princess Cosy Coupe and of course, the classic 30th Anniversary Cosy Coupe!

The Cosy Coupe range is suitable for little ones who are 18 months+ and have a parent grab handle to ensure safety. These toys are great for your child’s physical development, helping to increase their levels of coordination, balance and strength.

So whether your little one has a playhouse, swing set, Cosy Coupe or trike, you can rest assure that your Little Tikes toy will offer durability, great quality and hours of fun!

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