Less than one in five dads put the kids to bed

New research that has been carried out by a leading independent website which reviews baby products has revealed that only 17%, less than 1/5, of  dads put their children to bed, with the majority admitting that they wish they could do it more often. A quarter of the dads polled admitted that they felt ‘pushed out’ at bedtimes and it seemed that the mother wanted to be the main parent at these times.

www.BabyChild.org.uk were interested to find out just how much hands on dads actually did and held this poll to find out. They asked the respondents questions about their habits and what contribution they made to their children’s daily routine and how involved they got in the various stages of their development.

1,783 dads in the UK responded, and each had at least one child in the 0-5 age group and lived in the sane house as their children and the children’s mother. The respondents were initially asked which activities they got most involved in while they were looking after their children.

1) Feeding                                32%

2) Playing                                  24%

3) Bath time                             21%

4) Putting kids to bed          17%

5) Changing nappies            12%

When asked which one of these tasks they would like to be more involved in, the majority,  61% , admitted  they would like to be more present when putting their children to bed; whilst 22% admitted that changing nappies was the one they were the least keen to get more involved with.

The respondents who admitted that they would like to be more present when putting their children to bed were then asked to explain the reasons why they were not currently more involved in the bedtime routine. Over two fifths, 41%, said that their partner was taking charge of the bedtime routine whilst a fifth, 17%, admitted to not participating more often because of a lack of time

A further quarter, 24% admitted that they felt their partner wants them to take over the bedtime routine on their own and 9% admitted not doing so more often because their children never seemed to go to sleep when they were in charge of putting them to bed.

Jill Tovey, co-founder of BabyChild.org.uk, commented on the study’s findings:

“Mums have the chance to develop their mother-baby bond through their pregnancy whilst dads can often feel left out. It is not surprising to see that mums are the ones taking charge of their child’s bedtime routine, but then find it difficult to let go and let their partner take over..”

She continued:

“It is important for children and their dads to have their own time together, but the bedtime routine is something parents can always do together!”

LINK: http://www.Babychild.org.uk

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