Law firm warns companies of prejudice against pregnant employees

Liverpool Law firm Maxwell Hodge is warning firms that many are leaving themselves open to legal action from women that have or will face discrimination after they announce that they have become pregnant.

Employment lawyer for Maxwell Hodge, Heather Grant, supported the claim by citing research that came from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that found that even before the recession took place about 30,000 women are estimated to have lost their jobs as a result of getting pregnant.

Grant went on to say that since the recession occurred the numbers have increased even more significantly. She went on to say that there are many different cases in which women are fired while they are away on their maternity leave or they attempt to return only to find that they have been replaced by colleagues that were their maternity cover. In addition, some women return to work but find out their job has been altered greatly since they left and they no longer have the same responsibilities at work.

Slater and Gordon law firm commissioned a separate study in the last few months and discovered that about one out of every seven mothers in the survey had lost their job while they were out on maternity leave. Half of the mothers in the survey reported that their working hours were cut back when they returned or they were demoted and another forty percent stated that their job duties had been altered.

According to Grant, as the economic climate gets even tougher businesses are going to continue the trend of being tougher with the staff showing little understanding to absent employees even if they are new mothers or those who are on maternity leave. While the law states that this type of discrimination is illegal, Grant stated that many mothers simply do not have the time or resources to take proper legal action.

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