Kids uncomfortable with parents drinking

Half of all children believe that they have observed their parents while drunk according to a survey published from the CBBC Newsround. The study also revealed that out of these 30% felt scared when they watched adults drink and 72% of all the children stated that their parents drink.

46% of the children would prefer if adults did not drink in their presence.  32% thought that it was ok for adults to drink around children and 22% reported that they were not sure.

The study also revealed that 82% of children noticed that adults behaved differently when they were drinking with 24% stating that it made them act silly, 20% stating it made them angry, 20% saying it made them look funny.  On the downside, 19% reported that it made adults act strange, 18% said it made them become loud and prone to swear, and a final 17% said it made adults fall or become dizzy.

CBC Controller, Damian Kavanagh, stated that there has been a lot of discussion in regards to drinking and its social impact, but it is not very often that the effect on children is observed.  He continued to explain that alcohol is part of most people’s lives in some way, yet most people are not comfortable talking about it.

Childwise was commissioned to carry out the study which took place during April and May of this year.

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