Kids still know more about gadgets than their parents

The difference in understanding of electronic devices between adults and children appears to be widening.

It was recently suggested in a survey that around 15 percent of parents are buying gadgets for their children that they don’t understand themselves.

The same survey also found that parents were allowing their children to watch films and play computer games that are regarded as inappropriate for their age group.

ParentPort were responsible for conducting the survey and it was done in collaboration with the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority, as well as the Office of Communications. The parents were asked whether they had purchased devices for the children that they didn’t really understand.

The survey was intended to find out how parents limit their children’s access to material that is not suited for their age group. The survey found that around one in every four child is allowed to play video games rated above their age group, and nearly 50 percent are allowed to watch films targeted towards an older age range.

Nearly 2000 people responded to the survey and these were mostly gathered through the popular parenting communities online, Netmums and Mumsnet. ParentPort stated that the survey shows how parents are facing increasing challenges when trying to keep their children away from inappropriate media.

Over 80 percent of parents said that they limited what television and films that children could watch but around the same figure said that they were uncertain whether their children were watching these films without their knowledge.

Many parents involved in the survey had concerns about children having access to devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. They were concerned about these devices because they allow the children access to the internet in an unsupervised way.

ParentPort was established late last year and is designed to be able to facilitate parents complaining about their children having access to media that is inappropriate for their age group. The Chief Executive of Ofcom is Ed Richards and he is commented, “This organisation makes it much easier for parents to assist in the regulation of inappropriate material.”

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